Correct Postural Allignment

Good, correct posture must be held through  ALL movements to ensure good form, putting safety first.

This is how you hold the correct postural alignment:

Imagine a thread though the head giving a feeling of upward lift, through neck and upper spine, keeping the body light and open.

Imagine a sense of relaxation and downward movement by a thread through the base of the spine.

Stand with your feet in parallel placed hip width apart; spread your weight equally between both feet Head floating on top of neck with neck long and centred.

Chest area open with a light lift of sternum (do not overarch in lower back)

Shoulders relaxed - blades go down back and inwards arms hang from the shoulders, hands relaxed ribcage down with abdominals gently engaged.

Pelvis in neutral alignment, supporting the lumbar spine

Hips level (imagine triangle reaching from one hip bone to the other, down to your pubic bone. Each point of the triangle is at the same level)

Buttock, thighs and tail bone are relaxed avoid arching lower back

Knees in line with feet, keep knees soft

Weight is equally distributed between the feet and evenly distributed.

Maricarmen JaramilloComment