My Go To Supplements

When you eat a healthy balanced diet you should really be getting all the macro and micronutrients you need through eating a varied, colourful diet.

Ideally you will be increasing your exercise and simply moving more ,as well as cutting calories  to create a calorie deficit.

By not just cutting calories but exercising too you are helping your heart and cardiovascular system, your improving your strength, endurance, and muscle mass, bone mass,and NOT JUST loosing fat (if thats your goal).

Its really important to see and acknowledge all the progress you make outside of your specific goal...even if the scales or measurments don't go down one week thats not to say you haven't made progress in all the other things mentioned above!

If you just re assessed your diet and created a calorie deficit through diet then sure your health will be improved from decreasing your fat mass, but you wouldn't get all the other benefits, and you could end up being deficient in some of those all important vitamins and minerals which could leave your body and mind worse off!

As far as food supplements go I only recommend them when a client finds it difficult to get all their food in. For example I may suggest a protein shake, or a shake with carbs in too IF a client simply doesn't have time to get that in food, because of work or a new born baby for example.

If I thought a client had a possible deficiency I would recommend checking in with the doc or a registered nutritionist. So by all means ask me what I think, but heading to the doc will mean you will get the right advice for your body.

So supplements, over the years I have tried different supplements and have always just come back to food, however there are some that I would recommend, so check them out and let me know what you think!

Acidophilus- For my gut health 

Vitimin B Complex supplement- For my recovery 

Vitimin C and Zinc- For my immune system

Glucosamine- For my joints 

Vitimin D and Magnesium- For my bones 

Omega 3 Fish oil

Folic acid is obviously recommended when your trying for a baby and pregnant. It is also advised for children and babies to take a multivitamin, ask your health advisor about this as you can get them on the NHS.

You could of course take a multi vitamin to cover most of the above, but don't take these on top of  a multivitamin as you don't want to overconsume. So make sure you follow the instructions and don't double drop...its pointless and could cause you problems. 

And don't forget tour skin gets a bashing at this time of the year too so be sure to look after yours and your child's skin!

I still have some freebies left from Mustela UK , if you wish to try some of their products jut drop me an email.