The Binge/ Starve Cycly

The binge starve cycle is not a good cycle to be in.

Say your maintenance calories are 2000.

So  if you restrict yourself to 1600 every day of the week thats a total of 2800 calories then say you burn 200 through extra activity everyday thats a 4200 calorie deficit. If takes 3500 (rule of thumb, changes for EVERY person) calories to burn 1lb fat then your there!

Now what if you do exactly the same but go mental off it on the weekend...a bottle of wine and a parmo, or some sweets and chocolate (lets say consuming 2000 in this extra meal/ binge) all of a sudden your 4200 deficit is down to 2200 and not a lb a week!

And don't be fooled by ‘healthy’ foods either, of course they give your body more vitamins and minerals but they have calories and they can effect your fat loss too.

A large avocado can contain 400 calories, One of them with Halloumi grilled with coconut oil, gluten free pea pasta (pretty much the same calories as normal pasta) with some soya cream and a sprinkling of nuts, swigged down with a Chai Latte could almost be a parmo...of course a parmo is less nutritious and less trendy!

No dig at the Veggies/ Vegans/ Gluten free people there or the parmo lovers. I am totally 100% respectful of peoples diet choice but there is so much wrong information that these foods will help you loose fat!

Also I'm not saying don't pick the more nutritious food, I'm just saying they all have calories and right now you have to pick your battles! Coming form a diet of takeaways and high fat / sugar convenience foods, its unrealistic to go straight into a 'cean' diet.

There are some things you can do if you fall into a binge/ starve cycle-

You can look at your calories over the week and have higher calorie days and lower calorie days to allow for those weekend treats.

You can also reduce calories a little each day to allow for one ‘feel good’ meal each week.

You can look at upping calories and create a deficit through more activity or exercise.

You can up calories and be consistent with exercise but accept it will take longer, totally your call if thats good and works for you!

The first thing I would do with a client if they were hitting this starve binge cycle is increase daily calories allowing them to track more foods they enjoy which would hopefully prevent binging, therefore they would still be in a decent calorie deficit.

Finding healthier lower calorie food alternatives, cooking your fave meals but healthier and trying to bulk up meals with foods that are low calories but fill the plate (high volume foods) are also good ways to feel more satisfied!

If you have any questions or other ideas please comment or drop me a message and I will help you as best I can.

If you really feel like you may have an issue when it comes to food then please don't hesitate to seek help, I am a good listener and I can always point you in the right direction.