Monitoring your Progress


Once a week its a good idea to 'check in' to monitor your progress.

These are the things you should ask yourself and record.

Measurments (as per pic), this isn't needed each week maybe just every two or three!


Weight Loss

If you have done the exercise and followed the food plan/ Macros.

How are you feeling, lethargic, hungry, miserable?

Then Pictures- I normally take a video of me in underwear standing front on, side, back and then the other side then I take stills from the video, it just means I don't need anyone's help! I know you might not want to do this but honestly when your heads in a shed and you think you aren't progressing these pictures might show otherwise! Please trust me on this!

Now from this there are so many variables from check in, especially when it comes to the scales! If your feeling better in your clothes and yourself and your measurments and pictures are changing, your strength is up and you have energy then your getting there!

I would take pictures and measurments first then step on the scales, if you have issues just relaying on the scales then do not weight yourself! If you do weight yourself please understand weight fluctuations due to hormones, water retention, your toilet and food all changes your weight and it is not a reflection on your fat levels!

As you progress things may change, you will have to maybe reduce or increase your calories at times and you might come across a hurdle or two but if you evaluate each week then you know if your heading in the right direction and you can tweak your plan too! If its working don't change it, if you change too much too soon you could end up with nowhere to go if you do hit a plateau, and give things a change a few days or a week isn't enough give it two or three weeks or use the contact us page and I will help you!

So get up a little earlier and get this stuff done and make a start! Good luck guys, you will smash it!