Egg Muffins

Servings: 9 muffins, 3 muffins per serving


6 eggs
9 egg whites

1. Whisk the eggs together and use 1 cal spray to grease a Yorkshire pudding tin.
2. Divide the mixture until each section is just over half full to fill 9 holes.
3. Add the fillings.

Fillings (each filling is to divide up between the 9 muffins, all cheese must be low fat where possible)

  1. 60g cheese, 3 tomatoes
  2. 200g Broccoli, 60g Feta
  3. 200g asparagus, serve with 60g holllandaise sauce (20g per 3 muffins/ portion)
  4. 150g smoked haddock, chives
  5. 60g cheese,100g onion finely chopped
  6. 60g Cheese, serve with 60g chutney (20g per 3 muffins/ portion)
  7. 60g black pudding
  8. 4 Spring onions,1/2 red pepper chopped, 60g cheese

1 portion-= 1P 1F 1V
These are low carbohydrate so add a carbohydrate choice if needed.