Egg White Wrap

Servings: 1


3 egg whites
See fillings below

1. Whisk together and fry in a non stick pan like you would an omelette.
2. Now load with your fat, veg and other half of protein or carbs if you can.


  • 1 chicken/ veggie Sausage, 3 grilled baby tomatoes, spinach = 1P 1/2V
  • 50g Cooked chicken, Wilted spinach stirred through 20g Quark, Paprika = 1P
  • 50g Cooked chicken, 20g Peanut butter mixed with 10g Sweet chilli sauce and hot = 1P 1F
  • 50g Smoked haddock, 20g Quark and chives = 1P

You can also add the fillings from the egg muffins recipie but just half the protein source.