Crispy Chilli Beef

Servings: 1


200g Lean Raw Steak

3 tsp Chinese 5 Spice

3 tbsp Corn Flour

About 300g Stir Fry Vegetables

1/2 tbsp Soy Sauce

2 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar

10g Grated Ginger

1/2 Garlic Clove Grated

2 Spring Onions Chopped

Chilli Flakes



  1. Very finely slice the Lean Steak.
  2. Add Chinese 5 spice and Corn flour in a bowl
  3. Cover the beef in the mixture piece by piece. Add the Oil to a frying pan and fry the beef on a high heat.
  4. Remove from the heat and without oil Stir fry the Vegetables.
  5. Add Soya Sauce, Rice Wine vinegar, Chopped spring onions, grated Ginger, grated Garlic clove and the chilli flakes to a cup and stir well.
  6. When the veg is just about cooked mix everything back in the pan for a minute or 2 and serve.


1 portion = 1C 1F 1P 1V