10 Minute Simple Workout Lower Body

Short for time but need to do something?

This series of workouts will help strengthen your Lower Body.

Even if you cant dedicate more time for training , doing what you can do but making it effective is well worth the while.

This Lower Body session is making the most out of ten minutes. Just make sure you also fit in an Upper body a day r so after and repeat them to create a few full body workouts throughout the week.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and use 2 Dumbbells set at 5-10kg, aim to get as many reps in as possible in with good form .

Move straight from one exercise to the other and try and fit in 4 rounds.

Swing Lunges

Squats, DB on shoulders- aim to get low with good form

Romanian Deadlifts

Hip Thrusts- Back High with a weight resting on pelvis.

Side Lunges

After the workout make sure you don’t collapse on the sofa (not that thats likely with kids) but try and keep moving for the next ten minutes to come to a gradual cooldown…maybe a quick whizz around with the hoover? and then stretch the muscles you used during the workout.

Check out the exercise glossary HERE to learn how to perform the exercises correctly.