Back To Basics Low Impact Workout 3


Follow these exercises and use the below guide to find the right level for you!

Make sure you pick a weight where you are challenged but still maintain correct form and technique.

  • Squat Press

  • 1 Leg Hip Bridge

  • Around the Clock Lunges

  • Arnold Press with Curl

  • Tricep Dips

Novice, low/Med intensity , 20-40 seconds work, 20-40 seconds rest between exercises
Intermediate, Med intensity, 30-50 Seconds work, 10-40 seconds rest between exercises
Aim for 4-8 rounds

Newly Postnatal Ladies I would start on 40 seconds work and 30 seconds using a lighter weight and aim for more rounds if can.

We always encourage a warm up and cool down, check them out HERE.