Setting a Schedule

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Setting a Schedule

Planning and preparation is key to consistency, and being consistent is what makes a difference.

Everyones schedule is different so you have to find what works for you but planning the week ahead can help stay you on track, it also gives you something to work towards, a rest day or your feel good meal (off plan meal) at the weekend.

You have your goals, your calories and macros set and your training so how does it all fit in?

Start with how you can schedule your training in, is it easier to fit a HIIT in before the kids wake and do weights on an evening when you have a little more time? Are weekends good for you or is that family time? Think about what's realistic and achievable for you. 

Next move on to your food. Some people prefer to prep all meals 3 days in advance and some prefer to plan all the evening meals for the week and get some staple foods in for the other meals. At the very least I would plan your evening meals for the week ahead, or meals around social occasions you may have, this way you can plan ahead and not be caught out and forced into making less nutritious food choices. If you are eating out then check out the restaurants website for nutritional information and make a healthy choice before you get there.

Meal planning can also save you money by bulk cooking and freezing meals, it also makes Macro tracking a whole lot easier, if you schedule your evening meals and breakfast for the week you can work around these to hit your macro goals with your lunch and snacks.

I would also really recommend online food shopping too. It saves a lot of time in the long run and helps you plan and make better choices. 

Creating a schedule doesn't have to be complicated, pop it in your diary, on your calendar or save the image above and use the one I use.