Salmon with Capers, Crème Fraiche and New Potatoes

Servings: 1


50g 0% Fat crème fraiche
1tsp Capers
120g Salmon fillet
200g New potatoes
1 Lemon juiced


  1. Cut the potatoes in half and boil until cooked through.
  2. Pan fry the salmon, skin down, in a hot pan until cooked.
  3. Once cooked remove the salmon to a warm plate and cover with foil to keep warm, turn up the heat in the pan and add the capers for a few minutes. Add the lemon juice then remove it from the heat and stir through the crème fraiche.
  4. Serve the salmon with the potatoes and crème fraiche on the side.

1 Portion= 1P 1C 1F 1V