The value of the PHBP

So your exercising and on a diet and its working...when you 100% commited, so how can I help you?

In 2018 the average mum is a busy one, she might work, look after the children, look after a home, have some form of social life and/ or if shes lucky some down time too and then she wants to be fit and healthy...I'm exhausted even reading that back, at the same time thinking – tick, tick, erm….what social life?

What exercise should you be doing to achieve my goal?

What can you do if I have diastis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles)?

Your weight isn't budging, is that normal?

Your eating really healthy but have no energy, surely there is a better way?

These are just a few questions you might ask yourself, so what should you do, take a stab in the dark? Pick the newest celeb diet and give it a go? Eat rice and beans like in the celebrity jungle? Or just run run run because that's all Debbie did and she lost 13 stone??!! But will it work? How do you fit it in? how can you possibly exercise with a small baby who constantly feeds or wont sleep?

What works is what works for you, many of us are doing most of the right things when we try to live a healthier lifestyle but not doing them the right way. Why don't you try something that is tailored to you, to fit in your lifestyle, where you don't have to think and question yourself. Let me guide and coach you into a healthier lifestyle working towards your goals because it works for you and your family.

At the PHBP you are not just paying for the exercise plans and the dietary plans you are paying for me to support you and help you adapt to your forever changing new life.

The PHBP is not a fixed plan its a flexible one personal to you, I coach you through all the highs and lows, the weeks away, the date night (what date night?) , Yes your paying for a plan, but your paying for a plan that is for you, for your goals and with support to keep you on track and be flexible when you need it.

With our three levels of membership you can find a package with the right support and budget for you.

If your in early stages of committing to something why not sign up to our bronze package with workouts you can do when and as you please, safe and effective exercises to follow, recipies and dietary advice to start to make small changes?

If you want something that bit more personalised you could sign up to our Silver package to receive in-depth personalised diet plans, and exercise plans with a fortnightly check in to make sure your on the right plan and are progressing, being monitored in this progress.

Or if you want complete support, flexible plans for your lifestyle completely tailored to you with unlimited support, progress check ins weekly, and skype calls why not try the gold package. 

There is something for everyone it just depends what works for you and your family.