The importance of hydration

The body is nearly two thirds water so hydration is vital for our bodies and performance. If you don't drink enough water you could suffer from headaches and fatigue so its important particularly when exercising, possibly breastfeeding, and possibly not getting enough sleep to stay hydrated.

You need between 6-8 glasses of water a day, that's the equivalent to 2 litres, you may also feel like you need more when exercising and if feeding, just be careful not to drink too much because this can be harmful.

Most drinks can be classed as your water intake, even tea, coffee, juice and drinks although water itself does not contain caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar or acid so its probably your best bet.

Alcohol can dehydrate you as it increases the amount of water you loose in urine. A full cup of tea or coffee is also not counted because of the effects the caffeine can have on dhydration. 

Your urine will let you know how hydrated you are, if its dark and you are passing smaller amounts more frequently then you should drink more water. The goal is a pale straw colour.

So stay hydrated , stay healthy and get the most out of your training.