Pulled Chicken Burgers / Wraps

Servings: 2


2 Burger buns / 2 Tortilla wraps
280g Raw chicken breast
2 tbsp BBQ sauce
2 tbsp White wine vinegar
300g Mixed leaves
50g Light Mayonnaise


  1. Place about 400ml water in a small pan and poach the chicken on a low heat for about 20 minutes until it is no longer Pink in the middle.
  2. Remove the chicken and shred, leave to one side.
  3. Remove the water and add 100ml back in to the pan, add the sauce and vinegar to the water and reduce until thick.
  4. Add the chicken back to the sauce to warm through and put the buns under a grill.
  5. Add the mayonnaise to the bun and load with chicken and salad.
    Alternatively use 300g of grated Coleslaw veg and mix with the mayonnaise (add a touch of water to it) to serve on the side.

1 portion = 1C 1F 1P 1V
To fit 1C 1P minus the mayonnaise
To fit HC HP Half portion and minus mayonnaise
1 Sauce used