Easy Fish Pie

Makes 4 portions


400g Mixed Fish, cut into chunks

500g White Potato

2 Handfuls of Frozen peas

1tsp wholegrain mustard

Few chives, finely shopped

1 Packet White Sauce Mix

Skimmed milk


  1. Peel, chop and boil the potatoes in lightly salted water until cooked.

  2. Make the White Sauce as per the instructions with the skimmed milk.

  3. Stir the mustard, chives, peas and fish into the sauce and season.

  4. Place the mixture into an ovenproof dish.

  5. Mash the potato, adding a splash of skimmed milk to loosen and place evenly on top of the fish mixture.

  6. Bake in an oven at 180 for 25-30 minutes until the fish is cooked.

1 Portion= 1C 1P 1F 1V