1 Small Change Days 18-21

Day 18: Sort Out That Injury

ALOT of people come to me with pre existing Injuries or issues, yes a lot of the aches and pains can be helped or even sorted with the appropriate exercise but what about that injury that hasn’t been right since last year? Or are you experiencing pain during your pregnancy but you don’t want to bother your midwife?

PLEASE GO AND GET IT SORTED ONCE AND FOR ALL! See your Doctor or see your Midwife!

Get it checked out properly, don’t just listen to Brenda from playgroup who says it’s just wear and tear...and if the person you go to can’t help then find someone that can help and will listen!

There are plenty of services available through the NHS and also other services (if you are able to pay) that might be an option too!

Don’t live with something you don’t have to!

Oh and if you missed you smear because your worried? Its nothing, so get that booked in too!

Day 19- Sod the Prep

So preparation is key I think we have gathered that!

At the moment im prepping for a competion and working a lot, with two kids thats enough really and I'm finding it difficult to meal plan and cook if I'm honest so what have I done?

I went to Marks and Spencers, bought some microwave meals, popped and planned each one in my fitness pal and voila a ready meal diet has been created!

They are healthy meals, sure they might not be the finest nutrition but i’m working around that with my other meals and to be honest it’s the best I can do right now and its working!

So when I step on stage will people look at me and think ''ohhh she had that ready made lasagne 4 times during prep'' or will they just accept that’s what i’m brining to the stage? Well they better had because I have accepted that sometimes you gota go around things a way that works for you and not the route that other people choose!

The luxury of not cooking and having something I enjoy each night is keeping me on track, I know that if I cooked something I wouldn't enjoy it as much and then would look for something else to satisfy me, probably leading to too many calories and some bad choices which I’m not in a good position to make. 

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut, the same meals at the same times because its easy can get monotonous and lead you to go off track when someone brings the choccie out at 4pm!

Being structured is great but sometimes a mix up in your daily activity can bring welcome changes.

I tend to stick to 3 meals two snacks but I can easily become a little obsessed with when I will next eat, when this happens I find that changing my meal times help, I have breakfast a little later, I have three bigger meals to feel fuller rather than grazing and I sometimes don't plan at all and eat as I feel then deal with it as the days goes on, if you do this anyway then why not change it and try and see if more structure works for you?

If you’re over eating or not eating enough then don't do what you have always done, change that routine and see if you learn anything from it. Maybe you don't eat past a certain time because Debbie said it was good for you but then that’s when you want to eat, I’m saying eat later to satisy that picky feeling time!

Remember the right diet is the one that’s right for you and your family!

Day 20- Take 5 Minutes

Your a busy Mum, or your about to be a Mum so chill out and take 5 minutes!

If your pregnant then why not enjoy a pregnancy massage, there are so many places that do these now and with the aches and pains of pregnancy it’s a real treat. If your not pregnant why not book in with a Sports Masus for all the hard work you putting in, its somthing to look forward to!

If you can’t think of anything better than sitting down with a cuppa then get the kettle on and check out some of the inspiring stories from our #Mumstakeover on the blog!


Day 21: Follow Friday

Find some new Fitspos by checking out my Insta Stories (I love Stories) to see who I’m loving at the moment!