1 Small change Day 15-17

Day 15: Bin the Fad Diets For Good

Ok so here at the PHBP if your Bronze, Silver or a Gold member I always ask my clients to monitor their progress (or I monitor their progress through our feedback system) to be able to look back and see what they have achieved and how far they have come!

So ask yourself where your at now, is your diet and fitness regime working? Is your diet working, or has it worked in the past? Are you any further along than before you set out to get fitter, or lose the fat?

Fad diets can work, you can lose scale weight and fat but I truly believe that most of them don't work long term, they are not sustainable and some of them might make you lose 7lbs but does it stay off or is it just water and at what cost is this to your health?

I didn't get where I am today by cutting carbs, drinking shakes or training using one specific method. Do you think an athlete trains on these diets? Do you think Jessica Ennis restricted her calories to 500 a day after having her baby?

I could seriously go on about this all day and i’m sure I won’t have any effect on peoples opinions but seriously think about your health and wellbeing and realise when your being sold someone’s method rather than cold hard facts.

There are no shortcuts it takes hard work but get the correct information on how to do this properly and never be on a diet again...just live a healthier lifestyle!

You need to think about who is giving you this advice too, I trained hard to learn what I know and that was just the beginning, experience has educated me so much more. Of course I’m up for making a living of course, but ask any of my clients…their health and wellbeing comes first! Can you honestly say the same as a pyramid seller?

Day 16: Make a Healthier Sunday Dinner

It’s super easy to make the meals you love to cook that little bit healthier and more balanced so your not undoing all your hard work.

I recommend and work in 'feel good meals' into your plan to make sure you can eat out, have a break from making the most sensible choices and basically not having to think about food choices, but if you already used that on your Saturday night meal out with prosecco then time to get back on track and not let it snowball.

Sunday dinner is pretty much a healthy balanced meal, its just we like to make that mash extra creamy, add some bacon to the sprouts and stick the honey on the carrots but if you can’t afford to use these calories then use my tips on how to make it healthier-

  • Steam and boil and when you want roasted then try spray oils/ frylight.

  • Pick a lean meat, Chicken and Turkey Breast, even some cuts of beef are lean, and if it isn't just avoid the fat and manage portion control.

  • Avoid added butter and oil by cooking yourself.

  • If you are eating out and come across some fat loaded veggies then just portion control these.

  • I know Frozen Yorkshires arnt like Nannas but you could save a whopping 100 calories by choosing the frozen ones!

  • Use Heck Chicken Sausages and lean Bacon for your pigs In blankets.

  • For Pud try one of our healthier sweets in the Community.

  • Instead of a high fat nut roast for Veggies or Vegans opt for substitute Sausages to monitor portion control.

Day 17: Learn how to be healthier

Ok so im going back to Fad diets a little here…

For so long many people have been telling you how to be healthier, how to lose weight and tone up and most of the time its by selling you their method, have these shakes, drink this tea, count your sins but what’s the secret behind it?

There isn't one! For Fat loss they are just selling you their method which sometimes restricts calories, no foods are 'free' and no tea will make you skinny! Sure increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism but it’s not a complicated science and therefor only their certain method that works. It takes hard work, consistency and making changes long term.

I could lose weight on these diets but would I maintain my muscle mass? Would I be healthy? Would I achieve the goal I want to achieve, and most importantly does it fit with my family?

Surely it’s best to learn the principles of exercise and dietary prescription and then choosing how to do it in a way that works for you, your goals and around your family?

The PHBP has everything you need to know written down in plain English to be healthier and fitter, these are the fundamentals of health and fitness which I have been taught by an extremely good  training provider which  I earned various diplomas through. Yes I give out food plans, because some people learn from them what a balanced diet looks like, or I give out macros because some people learn better that way. I also offer the explanations to why I give you these and why you are doing what you do with the PHBP so you learn how to do it yourself!

The PHBP community guides explains the principle of exercise prescription to create your own method that works for you or let me help you find the way through our Silver and Gold Memberships.

I love to see people learn and progress themselves so with the PHBP there is no set membership, you pay for the month, you get that month and can cancel at any time! Therefore if what you learn in a month is enough to carry on yourself lets do it!