1 Small Change Day 1-3

Are you thinking of having a huge diet and exercise overhaul, cutting out chocolate and alcohol for the next 90 days while training for a marathon, while balancing 2 kids, a job, 500 plates and a partner that wants conversation during that drama you have looked forward to watching all day?

If so you have to ask yourself Is achievable, is it  realistic and most importantly is it going to be enjoyable? I somehow don't think so!

A huge overhaul isn't sustainable so why not try and make small changes which are achievable, It means your not running yourself into the ground or making yourself so miserable that even hearing the bed time story starting on cbeebies doesn't cheer you up!

For the month of September (every mums New Year) i will guide you through some small changes you can make to be a healthier you!

Day 1: Set Your Goal

Goal setting is really important to ensure you are working towards something!

Set SMART goals and work towards something that's-
Time Specific

Try setting Long term goals then work backwards to Medium and then short term goals.

What are you waiting for...Get them written down and make small changes for long term success!

Day 2: Get active with the kids

I believe that Health & Fitness starts with education and teaching our kids how to be Fit & Healthy starts with us!

Exercise can be through play and just being active so why not do something active the kids enjoy; get on the trampoline, Hike up a big hill, dance around to Moana, take a Family bike ride, go for a swim, play what time is it Mr fox, create your own sports day or do a HIIT using as many fun moves as you can!

If you have little ones you could also book onto the child friendly workout I do, follow @thesocialclubsaltburn for more information.

Most importantly, just make sure you have fun!

Day 3: Make a meal plan

Meal prepping doesn't mean living out of tupawear, how about just planning your evening meals, making sure you sort your lunch or get some freezer foods in to make sure you have the ingredients for some healthy meals!

The PHBP has plenty of tasty recipes for all the Family to enjoy and even has a meal planner to download.

Check out some recipes and if you like the look of them get the ingredients in for the week ahead!

No need to be too adventurous either, who has time for a risotto when you have been at work all day!

Just make sure its healthy, balanced and realistic to fit into your day.

Tomorrows small change will help you get those cupboards stocked up so your never caught out again!