What is the PHBP?

The PHBP is a plan that has been created with a new mum being the main focus and at the fore front of my mind.

Having a child is a life changing moment which enriches your life but is also a change which for most of us will be the biggest challenge of our lives leaving us vulnerable, in need of some TLC and some self-care.

We exercise to get fit, to be fit and to be healthy. For me exercise is a release, a de-stress and my time, we might not all feel that or want that from exercise but its a huge plus for many people and one that you might find you need even more after having a little one. So why is it so difficult now?

You’re not relaying on just you anymore it’s you and baby, you and your baby to be motivated, you and baby to be well enough, you and baby to be organised and you and baby to be awake enough to exercise, which let's face it to all new mums that's the tough one!

That's why its hard, because that gorgeous baby is in tow and pretty much dictates when and how you do things. We all want to be superwoman and fit it all in but sometimes is it worth leaving the house and all that comes with it, the getting out the door, the packing, the childcare to make a half hour class that's right in the middle of nap time. Will they sleep, will they need a feed….will I actually get anything done!

The PHBP is flexible and personalised to you and based around activity that fits around you and your baby.

There are training plans and diet plans widely available on line but is it right and is it realistic?

I can help you get your cardio in around a busy lifestyle, get your weights in when you can, training as many days a week as you need to.

And you don't have to stick to a regimented chicken, broccoli and rice diet, I can help you change your diet for the better, make your diet more focused towards your goals and help you create a health and fitness lifestyle that is tailored to you.

I like to think of the PHBP as the problem solver, its a plan in itself but the plan is one that's for you, your lifestyle and your baby.

If there is a growth spurt and we have to change things up to factor in your tiredness then we can, if the baby is poorly and needs your full attention I can give you ways to keep going and keep on track working around these tough times.

The support you get is basically what ever level of support you need, you just have to sign up for the right package for you now and dont be afraid to ask for the help.


Maricarmen JaramilloComment