French Toast

Servings: 1


2 Eggs
1 Piece of thick cut crusty bread (avg. 130 calories)
1⁄2 tsp Vanilla extract
100g 0% Fat Greek yogurt
Handful Frozen Mixed berries
Truvia/ Stevia for sprinkling
2 tsp Sweet freedom chocolate sauce


  1. Whisk the eggs with the vanilla extract and dunk the bread in it.

  2. Pop the bread in a hot frying pan and pour the remainder of the egg over the bread. Flip the bread once the underneath is golden and allow to cook though.

  3. Put the berries in the microwave for 20-30 seconds until warm and juicy.

  4. Serve the bread with the yogurt, berries on top and sprinkle with sweeter.

1 portion = 1C 1F 1P 1V
To fit HC HP Half portion.
1 Sauce

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