Gym Full Body Routine

If your training 2-3 times a week its good to do Full Body, Rest a day then Full body and so on. More than that and we can look at a split routine.

This is a simple Gym Plan to get you started and confident using gym equiptment.

For a warm up Follow recommended reps and individual exercises below using a lighter weight than you plan to use for your weights. Work at a steady pace and if you feel a strain during warm up, opt for a lighter weight.

Then use a weight that is comfortable for you, if you are achieving past the rep range try and increase the weight (as long as you keep good form), if you don't meet the reps, drop the weight.

After each set take 20 – 40 seconds rest, enough rest to achieve the reps in the next set. It is important to ensure you exhale on the effort and ensure correct posture which can be found here. PLEASE COME TO A GRADUAL COOL DOWN AFTER EACH SESSION,AND STRETCH.

4 Sets 12-15 Simple Sets

Leg Press

Chest Press

Lat Pull Down

4 Sets 20,15,12,10 (weight increases as reps decrease)

Back Lunges (smith machine or Barbell on back)

Superset with

Inclined Chest Press

4 Sets 20,15,12,10 (weight increases as reps decrease)

Hip Thrusts

Superset with

Curtsy Lunges (Weight at Chest, each leg)

4 Sets 12-15

Shoulder Press

Superset with

Seated row/ Cable Row

4 Sets 10-12 Simple Sets

Seated Lateral Raises

Front Raises