How To Set Your Goals

Goal setting is really important when starting a new health and fitness regime. I recommend that you should set long, medium and short term goals to work towards.

When setting goals make them SMARTER-


Measurable, So if its fat you want to loose or inches, how will you do it?

Agreeable, its not something so out there that you, me or your family cant agree to.

Realistic, for fat loss 1-2lbs a week is healthy an realistic

Time orientated, when will you achieve this by?

Evaluated, you can tick it off and comment on what you would change.

Recordable, keep a diary, a log or take pictures of your progress to look back on. 


Start with a long term goal then work backwards to set medium and short term goals.

For Example-

In 1 year I will loose 2 stone.

In 6 months I will loose 1 stone.

In 3 months I will loose half a stone.


So what is your long term goal?

What is your medium term goal?

What is your short term goal?

Have a go at writing down your SMARTER goals. 

Once you have your goals you can work out a training schedule and a diet (unless I'm already doing that for you with the silver and gold plans) You can find blog posts on a healthy diet and exercise  in the community which will help you. 

Once you have workout out how much food you need HERE , checked out about macro tracking/ other methods of monitoring your food, learnt how much exercise you need to do then you are ready to create a schedule to put the workouts and recipes into practise.