Using the Recipes instead of Macro Tracking

This is a different method to monitoring your food other than Macro tracking

Consistency is key when starting a new health regime. If macro tracking isn't for you then you can use the recipes to help you.

You will see that at the bottom of each recipe there is a code which looks like this-
1 Portion- 1C 1F 1P 1V or variations of, this means that that meal contains 1 carbohydrate portion, 1 protein portion, one fat, and one vegetable portion which equals a healthy balanced meal. (Please note not all meals are complete so you will have to add ingredients in).

Now all you do is pick one recipe for lunch, one for dinner and one for an evening meal, and then pick some healthy snacks to see you though.

This should be a starting point, if after a few weeks you don't see any progress then you could increase exercise, reduce your snacks or reduce your portion size. I would also consider macro tracking to ensure your not in a calorie surplus.

Please note that if you are breastfeeding you may need to eat more food than this.

If your progress is immense but your feeling hungry then slowly up your portions, and/ or meals. Obviously everyone's calorie needs are different so make sure your eating enough as well as not too much to achieve your goal. 

Remember to monitor your progress using pictures, and measurements and not just the scales.