Loaded Nachos ...

... with refried beans and guacamole salsa

Servings: 1


1 mini Tortilla wrap
150g Butter beans
1 Stock cube
1tsp fajita mix
1 Lime
100g Fage 0% Greek yogurt


  1. Drain the butter beans and lightly simmer them in 100ml water with the stock cube, once they have cooked through and the water has reduced reduced mash the beans with the fajita mix and put to one side.
  2. Cut the wrap into triangles and pop in the oven to crisp up
  3. Zest the lime and add this and a little juice and salt to the yogurt.
  4. Serve the tortillas with the refired beans and yogurt on top.

1 portion = 1C 1P
To fit HC HP Half portions