Mince Pies

Mince Pies are by far the best treat at Christmas for me, I mean whats better than a mince pie and a cup of tea…maybe a mince pie and a Snowball? Anyway its the pastry thats the unhealthy bit…or the calorific bit should I say so try these lighter and very easy mince pies!

For this recipe you will need a Yorkshire pudding tray and a medium size round cutter with a smaller round cutter, or I tend to use 2 different size cups to cut around.

Servings: Makes 5-6


2 Large Tortilla Wraps

Spray Light (1 cal)

Low Sugar Mince Pie Filling (Meridian do a great one)

1 Egg, beaten


  1. Using the larger cutter cut out 5-6 circles out of one large Wrap.

  2. Using the smaller cutter cut out 5-6 smaller circles out of the other wrap.

  3. Grease the tin well with he 1 cal spray.

  4. Pop the larger circles in the tin holes and squash down, this is your pie casing.

  5. Take 15g Fruit mix and put it in a pie cashing, repeat until all casings have 15g of fillings in each.

  6. Take the smaller circles and pop them on top of each casing.

  7. Wash each pie with the egg or alternatively use 1 cal.

  8. Pop them in the oven at about 180 until browned and warmed through.

1 pie = 1C or Alternatively for macro trackers each pie is under 100calories!