12 Days of Christmas Workout

So last year with my Social Sweat Ladies I created a workout for the 12 Days of Christmas, a lot of time went into the poetry shall we say, so I thought it would be wasted not bringing it out for another year!

Each Session we a new day and the days previous to it at the end of the session, on the last session we did the whole thing…TWICE!

Not one for the pregnant ladies or if you have just given birth. For everyone else, if your up for the challenge give it a go! Just be sure to take it at your own pace and warm up and cool down!

For Christmas Maricarmen gave to me......

1 set 50 Burpees

2nd 2 tuck jumps

3rd 30 Mountain climbers

4th 40 Tricep dips

5th 5 Sets 10 Hip thrusts

6th 60 Walking lunges

7th 7 Full press ups

8th 8 Elves dancing (kind of front kick each leg 8 times)

9th 90 Second plank

10th 10 Walkouts with a press up

11th 11 Jump squats

12th 12 Star jumps