1 Small Change Day 7-9

If your ready for day 7 then great work!

If you have just joined us don't worry check over the other 1 Small change blogs first to get up to speed.

Day 7: Exercise

Try a HIIT workout found HERE.

Day 8: Cheat it

Instead of your usual Saturday Night Takeaway or Bottle of wine why not try some Healthier options.

First of all a Glass of Prosecco or a Spirit like Gin with a diet Tonic and light beers are your lightest option for Alcohol. But did you know Alcohol free Beers and Wines are also massively reduced in calories too, Becks Blue for example only contains 53 Calories per bottle!

Why not try My tasty, healthy Pizza Cheats found HERE with a few Low Calorie beers too this weekend.

Day 9: Cancel the Gym Membership you never use

Will you ever go again, have you been since your Induction, do you know what to do?

Did you know that with the PHBP all you need is a set of dumbbell's which will cost around about £30. 

From just £9.99 you can have all you need to workout from not just home but anywhere, with advice from myself on the correct way to safely and effectively achieve your goals pre/post partum. 

From just a little more than a gym membership the Silver plan offers a bespoke exercise and food plan with coaching by me, working towards your goals, a plan that is personalised and flexible for you and your family.

If its Gym plans you want and all the support and coaching you need for effective training and diet for performance or fat loss then the Gold plan is for you. 

Check out the memberships HERE.