Each month you have access to your exercise plan, these plans will help you tone up, become stronger and get fit. We change these plans each week to keep it interesting, motivating and challenging for your body as you progress through the program and work towards your healthier lifestyle.

Please make sure you keep well hydrated before and during exercise.


Here at the PHBP we start at the very beginning to ensure correct core rehabilitation. Please work through each phase of core rehabilitation alongside the various stages of training. 
Please ensure correct posture throughout all exercises and to see abdominal exercises please read our blog post HERE.


weeks 1-4

Your Postnatal Health & Body Plan journey is just beginning.

Your first four weeks of fitness will get you into the habit of exercising regularly and fitting in your workouts around everyday life. 

If you feel like turning your back on the plan, remember why you signed up in the first place.



weeks 5-8

Amazing work! You made it to stage 2, you should be very proud of yourself!

The exercises in this plan are in place to push you to your next level of fitness, to test your strength and make you the strong mum you need to be!

Enjoy the next part of your journey!


weeks 9-12

Stage 3 is where you prove to yourself that all your hard work really was worth it. You will be seeing great results if you've been sticking to the plans as directed. These next few weeks are going to be tough but stick at it!

You've got this!

burpee01 press up.png

Stage 4

WEEKS 13 - 16

Look at you making it to stage 4! Hopefully you are past the point of giving in and now your workouts are giving you those amazing results! Keep Going!


Stage 5

Weeks 17 - 20

You've made it to stage five! That is impressive! Don't forget to check in with and send feedback for anything that has changed throughout your journey.


Stage 6 

Weeks 21 - 24

You are smashing your way through these plans! If you're working as hard on your food plans you should be feeling A-Mazing!