Welcome to your Silver Trial Membership


Welcome to the Silver trial membership area, this is where you can access all of your membership features so have a read of the below information and let’s get started!

For this trial you get to experience a small part of what our Silver members get. This diet plan is an example of a four week calculated calorie counted plan, your exercise plan allows you to see what type of exercises we include and how adaptable they are to being able to work out at home instead of having to pay a gym membership too!

You will see that our community area is where it all goes on, with workouts, recipes, health tips and dietary advice, all our postnatal members can access this area to start living a healthier lifestyle. For this trial membership you have access to a carefully selected curation of articles and recipes to get you started. Once a fully fledged member, Bronze, Silver, or Gold you will have access to EVERYTHING in the community and let me tell you there is a whole lot going on in there!

Possibly the most important element you receive from the PHBP, if you do decide to join as a Silver member after your trial has eneded is contact with me (Maricarmen). This is the check in/ Feedback part of the plan where we discuss your successes or set backs and we tailor your plan to get back on track. It’s also a time for you to feedback to me on what you like / dislike, where you want to work harder or areas you want to improve even further, and with all this information your plan becomes the gateway to your success!

One thing you must complete before we start is our PARQ form, please take a couple of minutes to fill this in if you haven’t already.

So, let's begin your journey to smashing those goals one day at a time! 

Maricarmen x

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Food Plan

This plan is based on 1400 calories and gives you an indication of a trial food plan. Once a silver member you will receive information on your tailored food plan which will be based on your lifestyle and dietary questionnaires.

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Training WEEKS 1-4

Your Postnatal Health & Body Plan journey is just beginning.

Your first four weeks of fitness will get you into the habit of exercising regularly and fitting in your workouts around everyday life. 

PHBP community

the community

The place where you can find tonnes of information and support on what to eat, how to train and how to make the best use of this plan. This community is updated weekly so don’t forget to come back for your weekly fix!