Weights vs Cardio

When looking at weights and cardio you should look at them as two different components contributing to a healthy lifestyle because they do two separate jobs.

Weights help increase or maintain muscle mass, and increase bone density which helps prevent against things like osteoporosis.

Cardio is good for the heart, the circulatory system and is generally the go to when you want to lose fat.

Cardio and weights do burn calories and depending on what kind of exercise you do your body will keep burning calories for the rest of the day. The aim to lose fat is a calorie deficit so which should you pick?

I should also mention flexibility as any exercise will be made more difficult with little flexibility and diet, diet goes hand in hand with exercise, without the correct nutrition any benefits from the exercise you do could be counteracted.

For all these aspects everything is personal to the individual, stretch already lengthened muscles and they become weak and prone to injury, train overdeveloped muscles and the opposing muscle could be inhibited. Do the same cardio day in day out and you will reach your ceiling and never get past it. Eat the same food and never loose fat...You get the idea?

The main thing is challenging the body all the time in a safe and effective way, mix things and do what your body needs, don’t listen to what other people are doing, find out what’s right for you and your body. You have always avoided an a-line skirt because they don't suit you so why would you do the same exercise and follow the same diet as everyone else? You also have twins and Debbie has got one child who sleeps 20 hours a day, how could you possibly follow her regimented workout routine?

To summarise, what you should to do is both cardio and weights, eat a healthy balanced diet and stretch the muscles that need to be stretched. This should fit in your schedule and depend on your body and your goals and most importantly you should enjoy all of it, because if you don't enjoy something then what's the point?