About me

Name: Maricarmen Jaramillo
Age: 31
Occupation: Qualified Personal Trainer & Expert in Pre & Postnatal Exercise
Hobbies: Being active with my children, weight training and running.

About Me..

My first son Jesse was born in 2012 and it was around this time I decided to change my lifestyle for good!
Up until I was 24 I had never entertained the idea of running let alone weight training but thanks to a number of fitness inspirations close to me and the positive impact they had on my life I made a start on my healthy lifestyle journey a year before I became pregnant.

After having Jesse I started weight training and realised I wasn't really sure what I was doing and I certainly wasn't seeing the results I wanted to. Time was also an issue to me, I was busy with a newborn baby while working in a part time sales job AND trying to change my lifestyle and become healthier, there were never enough hours in the day. 

When Jesse was 18 months I decided I wanted to get really serious about training and how to do it properly, effectively and safely so I decided to sign up to a PT course.
The Dream - having a full blown career in the world of fitness, health and well-being.
The reality - what the hell was I doing?

Fast forward to 2018, I have now been a qualified Personal Trainer for 4 years and currently work as a self employed 1-2-1 PT with a varied client base in addition to working on a project called Social Sweat where I train a wonderful group of postnatal ladies at a fantastic child friendly workout class! 
I also have another son Wilder who is 19 months old and my latest fitness goal is competing in the bikini category bodybuilding.

My qualification in pre and postnatal exercise allows me to guide and support mum's to live a healthier lifestyle in a way that isn't regimented, one that is flexible around their daily routines and one that is certainly achievable long term.

I really was that girl who had never exercised, the one who tried all the faddy diets, and the woman who wanted to get fit after having her first baby. I wanted to shift the baby weight but more importantly I wanted to feel good about myself. Exercise, a nutritious diet and living a healthy life to me is more about how it helps me mentally, it's that little bit of 'me' time that I get to enjoy away from everyone and everything, it's the effect it has on my mood and general outlook on life and it allows me to run around after my children all day without getting out of breath.

The dream that once seems ridiculous to me is now my reality and I wouldn't want it any other way.